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Can your conveyors be lengthened at a later date to facilitate the growth of our business?
Yes they can! With a Rancon / Bridgeveyor conveyor, our modular design allows us to add or remove parts to lengthen, shorten or re-configure an existing system, quickly and easily.

If I order a conveyor today, how long will it take before it is ready to be shipped?
As a standard, we ask for 6-8 weeks delivery. If you require the conveyor sooner, depending on our schedule and the complexity of the system, we can sometimes get a conveyor prepared and ready for shipping in about 1-3 weeks. This is thanks to our modular design and large assortment of parts in our shipping department.

In comparison to other conveyors, how does a Rancon conveyor compare in price?
Our conveyors are designed with strength and durability in mind. All components are made of solid steel and most parts are heat treated to last much longer than conventional conveyor systems. You would expect our equipment to be much more expensive than that of our “competitors”, since they use thin gauge tube and plastic, but realistically our prices are “competitive” and we pride ourselves on giving our customers more value for their money.

How fast do your conveyors go?
Our D-1000 or D-2000 Drive Units have the ability to travel anywhere from 0 fpm (feet per minute) to 72 fpm, depending on the application. If you have a small conveyor speed is not necessary, but if you have a rather large conveyor 60-72 fpm is recommended. Anything faster than 72 fpm will generate centrifugal force, causing the products to lean outward away from its axis.

What is the maximum weight your conveyors carry per foot?
The maximum load we recommend per foot is 100 lbs. (45.5 kg). Our C-250 conveyor has an engineer rating of 100 lbs/ft, but with our P-801 Four Pendant Carrier and P-701 Dual Pendant Carrier, we have the ability to increase our load capacity by spanning product over multiple footages.

What is the life expectancy of your conveyor systems?
We have some applications that have been running 365 days a year 7 days a week… some on double shifts, and have been in operation since 1969. With the proper maintenance and lubrication, there is no reason your application shouldn’t achieve these same results.

How often do your conveyors need maintenance?
This question all depends on your application and the frequency of the conveyors usage. As a general rule of thumb, a service should be conducted a few weeks after the initial installation (to tighten any loose chain) and again about 6 months after that. After this break in period has passed, an annual to semi-annual service is recommended to keep your Rancon / Bridgeveyor conveyor operating in an optimal working condition… again, this all depends on application and usage.

What are the limitations of your conveyor designs?
With our unique product, each section of conveyor is modular. This means that everything bolts together in prefabricated sections, giving us the ability to follow virtually any path regardless of its intricacies. We can go around, above or under obstacles which would otherwise be a problem for other conveyor companies.

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